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Would YOU watch six ads in a row, over and over again?

The simple answer is NO! And that's why some networks fail.

Red TV Australia has a proven track record in attracting and holding people's attention with digital content on LCD screens. Our process is quite simple... we ask people what they want to see, then we build it and put it on the screens. This sounds easy, right? Actually it goes a lot further than that. We have to make enough of this content so that we can change the program constantly throughout the day and so that people don't get bored of seeing the same content over and over.

Fortunately, we have already built a large catalogue of programs that change constantly throughout the day or on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, the target audience likes this, and so they watch the screens. Once we have their attention, we can start to include the adverts and corporate messages you want them to see. Now it's all starting to come together!

Satisfaction surveys have shown us that this method works, and that people are happy to watch the adverts as long as they are getting something else that they want to see at the same time.

If you want people to watch the screens, give them something they want to see.

It's that simple!



OK - here's the six step process we follow to make your network succeed:

  1. Survey the target audience to determine basic demographics, content preferences, frequency of visit, and typical time spent near the screen;
  2. Develop appropriate content to suit the demographics and content preferences of the audience;
  3. Launch the pilot test;
  4. Conduct satisfaction surveys to determine which programs are most popular, plus gather ideas to make the content better, and any other new content ideas;
  5. Make the necessary changes to the content, and introduce advertising campaigns and other corporate messages; and
  6. Determine the success of the campaigns and then repeat steps 4 - 6 until it can get no better.


If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your business TV Network please call Bill Watt on 0411 881 458 or click here to send an email.